The Air Sparging process injects presurized air into the soilor groun ater  to facilitate the removal of harmful vapors from VOC contamiated soil or ground water.

PRM Air Sparge


The Air Sparging process injects pressurized air into the soil or ground water to facilitate the removal of harmful vapors from VOC contaminated soil or ground water. The process also promotes biodegradation and is often combined with soil vapor extraction (SVE) to improve removal.


     •  Factory tested systems can be skid mounted, open trailer, closed
        trailer or custom enclosures.

     •  Systems can be integrated with NEMA IV control panels, gauges,
        flow indicators, manifolds and heat exchangers per your

     •  Integrated SVE and Air Sparge skids.

     •  Compressor options include Rotary Claw, Rotary Screw or Rotary

     •  Multistage Regenerative or Positive Displacement blowers.

     •  Pilot and rental units are available.

PRM Air Sparge Systems

PRM has manufactured Air Sparging systems for the remediation of soil and groundwater for over 25 years. These systems can be used for petroleum and chlorinated contamination removal. Air sparging is generally more effective in sandy-silty soils.

Air sparge systems typically consist of a NEMA IV Control panel, an air compressor, rotary vane or positive displacement blower to pressurize ambient air. A heat exchanger is used to reduce the temperature of the pressurized air stream prior to injection. The manifold system is used to distribute the pressurized air to the injection wells. These systems can be skid mounted or incorporated into a trailer or building.

     •   Positive displacement blowers are typically selected for moderate to
         high flow rates and low to moderate pressures.

     •   Rotary vane compressors are generally selected for lower flow rates
         and low to moderate pressures.

     •   Rotary screw compressors are a better choice for higher flow and

Air Sparging systems are often used in conjunction with SVE systems that create a negative pressure in the formation to enhance the removal of the contaminated air from the Air Sparging process. When designing a dual system it is important to have the proper controls that allow the SVE and Air Sparge to properly interact.

Considerations in the design of an air sparge system include required air flow rate, air pressure, soil matrix, the number of injection wells, and the well design. Consult with the PRM design team for assistance in choosing the proper equipment for your site application.

PRM Oil-Less Air Sparge Systems

PRM manufactures Air sparge systems

for remediation sites which utilize industrial

quality mini compressors for oil free air

delivery and high pressure capable of

operation up to 80 psig for air sparging


  • Aluminum Frame with Nema 4/12 Control Panel, 480V, 3 phase power

  • 1/2" OD High Temperature Teflon lines with integrated check valves

  • PLC for compressor rest cycling

  • 2" Inlet header with inlet filter and silencer for air line protection

​​​​​​​The PRM Air Sparge skid offers several advantages to a conventional Rotary Screw or Rotary Claw compressor:

-In the event of a compressor failure, multiple units are still operable, keeping uptime at 100%.

-Cost of repairs to mini compressors are a 15 minute compressor swap at around $500 per machine as compared to $10,000 or $15,000 to repair claws or screw compressors.
-Quiet - The PRM mini compressors operate at approximately 65dB per machine. Ganged and installed applications are typically under 75dB without acoustical insulation.

The Air Sparging process injects presurized air into the soilor groun ater  to facilitate the removal of harmful vapors from VOC contamiated soil or ground water.

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