SCADA is the primary method for gathering real-time data. SCADA is an acronym that stands for “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.”
PRM SCADA systems allows for remote monitoring and control of equipment from a central remote site. Typical equipment monitored are air compressors, flares, blowers, pumps, levels, lift stations, and overall gas system performance.



     •   Real-time monitoring of your systems operation with unlimited
         parameters – pressure, run-time, flow, alarms, and liquid levels

     •   Access with the ability to change system settings from remote
         locations via password protected internet connection

     •   Stand-alone interface for full system control

     •   Modular expansion capabilities using standardized Industrial Format

     •   All HOA and status indication on a single access point

     •   Wireless or land-based internet connectivity

     •   Historical data is stored and easily accessed providing critical run
         time information and developing a preventative maintenance plan

     •   In-house programmers provide prompt response and can customize
         your information

     •   Troubleshoot system issues live with technical experts

     •   Reduced man-hours while improving system operations

More and more landfills and remediation systems, both operational and closed sites, are installing SCADA systems to help manage their leachate, LFG or remediation needs. PRM has over 10 years of implementing SCADA systems for Landfills and our team can simplify the process ensuring you get the information you need.


PRM SCADA Systems integrate easily with all of our manufactured systems including flares, blower skids, control panels, ESS, and EVS electric pump systems. PRM can upgrade your existing site equipment with our SCADA system to improve efficiency.

The PRM SCADA systems are password protected and simple to use letting you control your systems without site visits saving valuable time. Events are logged to monitor the efficiency of your system providing you with a history of the system performance. PRM Pass allows you to manage multiple sites from the one central log in address.

PRM uses several industrial platforms for simple and flexible electronic data acquisition and storage. The systems typically collects data from electronic input signals 4-20mA, 0-5volt, 110volt or existing PLCs. Data is securely stored and uploaded to the data center via a cellular network or satellite connections.

Specified people on your management team can receive updates simply by opening e-mail or via mobile devices. Our web based systems can accommodate multiple users, multiple sites, operators, service groups, and consulting engineers to efficiently share data and important information. We provide a secure database infrastructure to support using a remote data center. Options are available if you wish to store your own data for maximum security.

System Upgrades

PRM specializes in upgrading existing system platforms. We can incorporate a new SCADA system and interface it with your current platform to increase site efficiency and operations.

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