Air Stripper Modeler version 1.2

Air Stripper Modeler

PRM has developed an online Air Stripper Modeler tool for design assistance purposes. The Air Stripper Modeler allows the user to correctly size their equipment for specific project requirements. The model is run immediately following the data entry and the results are emailed to you for project use.

Air Stripper Modeler version 3.0 (use of modeler acknowledges Terms & Conditions listed below)

Air Stripper Operation Instructions


     •   This is a free tool that is to be used for site specific applications.

     •   Use of the Air Stripper Modeler provides certain information back to PRM as
         requested in the user entry fields.  This information may be used for
         solicitation or marketing efforts by PRM only.  This information is not
         distributed outside of PRM.

     •   Use of the model for intents other than its design are prohibited.

     •   Abusive use of the Air Stripper Modeler is prohibited.  This modeler
         operates from PRM’s servers and abusive use may create congestion or     
         resultant delays that may affect other users.

     •   The Air Stripper Modeler is used as general reference given years of
         experience and project suitability.  This tool generates a model of results
         based on given influent conditions with no background interference.  A
         safety factor should always be considered for site specific applications since
         the probability of background interference or other variables is typical.

     •  The  Air Stripper Modeled results would be inaccurate and not recommended
         if surfactants or any other foaming materials enter the process stream.


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