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Waterra FHT-45 High Turbidity Filters

PRM carries inline disposable filters from Waterra. Most popular are the FHT-45 Waterra 0.45 micron Groundwater Filters used in metal analysis in groundwater monitoring programs all around the world. Waterra groundwater filters remove the suspended particulate from groundwater samples so the dissolved metal content can be determined. 

Simply plug a Waterra filter into your pump tubing or bailer. Run the water through the inline disposable filter and capture the flow in a sample vial. 

Excellent particle retention above the target micron size range

Maximum utility gained from the media, even with the most turbid samples

Polyethylene capsule with integrated compound inlet— has both a 3/8 inch threaded nipple and a 1/2 inch hose barb allowing the filter to be attached easily to a variety of pumps and tubing sizes


Contains 600 cm² of high quality polyethersulphone 0.45 micron filter media

Offers the user the most surface area available in capsule type filters today

Everything you need for Groundwater Sampling: Tubing, Foot Valves, VOA Vials, Bailers and More!


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