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Product Recovery Management Inc. is proud to offer a new opportunity for environmental and industrial professionals, as well as the general public, to purchase maintenance items, consumables and industrial items for your projects in one quick and easy place 



PRM carries a large variety of products from many different manufacturers at the absolute best prices. The PRM Online Store offers the quality and selection of an industrial supply company and the convenience of one stop online purchasing.


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Clean Water, Clean Air


Product Recovery Management Inc. started over 25 years ago with a commitment of helping to clean planet Earth. As a business, we have embraced our business practices with our environmental responsibilities. These practices do not necessarily yield financial return, but reflect our passion and dedication to caring for our planet’s resources and sustainability.

  • PRM equipment coatings do not use a VOC-based paint system, but  a water-based, high performance, acrylic paint system. These coatings will typically be applied to Equipment Skids, Tanks and other process equipment.

  • PRM installed a 300KW Solar Array at our Butner Facility. By using this renewable energy system since October 2014 we have avoided putting the equivalent of 2,143,064 lbs. of CO2 back into the environment…the equivalent of what 214 passenger cars emit in one year!

  • Our PRM employees genuinely care about our planet, which brought them into the environmental field to begin with. We have project managers with backgrounds in geology, environmental science, wildlife, and environmental engineering.

We encourage our business partners and clients to join us in helping to protect our
environment…adopt “going green” policies and environmentally friendly business
practices for your company. Together we can make our planet a cleaner and safer place to live for generations to come.


Business Elite Canada

Product Recovery Management was featured in the December 2014 issue of Business Elite Canada Magazine. The article talks about PRM's mission of Absolute Quality, Genuine Service, and Safety by Design in every system built and service performed. To read the full article click here: 


We've Moved

November 2014


Product Recovery Management, Inc. (PRM) announces the relocation of corporate offices and main operations to a new facility in Butner, NC. PRM has expanded into the former Sandusky Athol facility after significant improvements to the existing property.


These improvements include:

  • Installation of almost 1000 solar array panels to the main facility which will generate 300kw of energy to power the building and its operations.

  • Installation of 125 new high output, energy efficient LED lighting with occupancy sensors into the warehouse.

  • Improvement of the existing HVAC system to optimize heating and cooling efficiency.

  • Remediation of an environmentally compromised area left by the previous owners. The property is a Brownfields redevelopment and our voluntary remediation will protect our residential neighbors from contaminants.

These improvements enable significant cost savings and efficiency gains for PRM, which will support reinvestment into the company’s infrastructure and growth planning.

PRM Corporate Office Butner NC
Want to See How a Landfill Works?

October 2014

Tours of the South Wake Landfill have become quite popular.

See PRM Systems in action!

Holly Springs Landfill is a tourist attraction

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