PRM has Moved

Product Recovery Management, Inc. (PRM) announces the relocation of corporate offices and main operations to a new facility in Butner, NC as of October 2014.

PRM has expanded into the former Sandusky Athol facility after significant improvements to the existing property.


These improvements include:

  • Installation of almost 1000 solar array panels to the main facility which will generate 300kw of energy to power the building and its operations.

  • Installation of 125 new high output, energy efficient LED lighting with occupancy sensors into the warehouse.

  • Improvement of the existing HVAC system to optimize heating and cooling efficiency.

  • Remediation of an environmentally compromised area left by the previous owners. The property is a Brownfields redevelopment and our voluntary remediation will protect our residential neighbors from contaminants.

These improvements enable significant cost savings and efficiency gains for PRM, which will support reinvestment into the company’s infrastructure and growth planning.


Clients can expect complete continuity of customer service, sales support, and shipping of orders throughout the move to Butner.
Inventory has been increased and manufacturing will continuously occur at PRM facilities in Durham and in Butner throughout the move to ensure high quality parts and equipment and impeccable service with no interruption.


PRM’s facility in Butner offers dramatic improvements in services for clients:

  • The Butner facility is almost triple the size of the existing Durham facility. With room to grow, PRM is expanding operations and is adding new equipment and new personnel to serve our customers.

  • PRM will have all turnkey operations in one production area, leading to faster lead times on new systems and quicker refurbishment of existing equipment.

  • Triangle Stainless, Inc., a sister company of PRM, will be moving into a section of the main facility meaning increased efficiency of operations and congruity between the two companies.

  • PRM is installing two 7.5 ton capacity cranes with an 80’ span and 162’ runway. This more than doubles the current single 5 ton capacity crane.

  • The fabrication and production areas will be integrated with the control shop for continuity of service.

  • PRM has one of the largest and most capable rental fleets in the nation for pilot testing and episodic event remediation services. Additional secure areas mean expansion and upgrades of our rental fleet.

Our contact numbers will remain the same:


(919) 957-8890 (Main Office Number)

(888) TREAT-IT (888-873-2848)

Our new mailing address will be:

Product Recovery Management, Inc.

200 20th Street

Butner, NC 27509



PRM Filtration is a tradename of
Product Recovery Management, Inc. (PRM)

200 20th Street

Butner, North Carolina 27509


Main Phone: 919-957-8890

Toll Free: 1-888-873-2848

Fax: 919-957-7230

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