PRM Remediation Equipment Rentals


PRM can provide you with the lease equipment you need for short or long term projects. Customized leases and terms allow you to meet specific project budgets or timelines. In addition, our smaller rental equipment is available for daily, weekly or monthly Pilot Testing. End of Lease purchase options are also available if you wish to retain the equipment. 

PRM has one of the largest rental fleets of remediation equipment and systems in the nation.Please contact us if you don't see a system below that meets your project requirements, as our inventory of treatment systems is constantly being updated and expanded. Each unit is thoroughly tested prior to delivery. Product pictures and descriptions are for reference only, actual equipment specifications may vary. Please contact Bruce Baize ( or Luke Kemp ( for additional information.

  • Units listed below may be in the field on long term lease and not readily available. Please contact PRM for more information about current system or equipment availability.

Rental Remediation Systems

RT-850 Mobile DPE System with Sparge and Oxidizer

Tandem 20 HP LRP's & 600 CFM Electric Catalytic Oxidizer

RT-048 Skid Mounted Dual Phase Extraction System

230V, 3 Phase 7.5 HP Dekker VMAX0102M Liquid Ring Pump

RT-3244 DPE System with Air Sparge

8 x 20 Connex Container

RT-4377 Mobile DPE System in 8 x 16 Trailer

Roots vacuum pump, 15 Hp 120/208V 3 phase motor

RT-5077 MPE System

8 x 40 Connex Container

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Air Sparge/Soil Vapor Extraction

RT-5247 - AS/SVE System

SVE and Air Sparge System in 8.5' x 16' enclosed trailer

RT- 5235 - AS/SVE System

​SVE and Air Sparge System in 8' x 12' enclosed trailer

RT-5230 - AS/SVE System

​SVE and Air Sparge System in 8.5' x 16' enclosed trailer

RT- 5197 - AS/SVE System

​SVE and Air Sparge System in 8.5' x 16' enclosed trailer

RT-5191 - AS/SVE System

​SVE and Air Sparge System in 8.5' x 16' enclosed trailer

RT-5080 - AS/SVE System

​SVE and Air Sparge System in 8.5' x 16' enclosed trailer

RT-722 Sparge Cart with Oil-Free Compressor

  • Mounted on Heavy Duty Industrial Hand Cart for Easy Maneuverability

  • 208/230V 3 Phase Gast 7HDDCompressor

  • 10 scfm @ 10psi

  • Flow Meter and Pressure Gauge

  • HOA Control

RT-990 Mobile AS/SVE System in 8 x 16 Trailer

  • PRM MS 80 Moisture Separator, 500 CFM

  • Moyno 344 1 HP Transfer Pump, 230V 3 Phase

  • Ingersoll-Rand UP6-15-150

RT-1206 Skid Mounted SVE System

  • 10 HP SVE Skid with MS-55 Moisture Seperator

  • 230V, 3 Phase

  • VP 55 Vapor Phase Carbon Vessels

RT-1437 Skid Mounted SVE System

  • Gast R7100R-50 Regenerative Blower

  • 10HP, 3 Phase TEFC Motor

  • Capable of up to 125SCFM@115"H2O

  • MS-60 Moisture Separator

  • Great for Daily Rental Pilot Testing

RT-2352 Skid Mounted Regenerative Blower with VFD

Performance Specifications:

  • Extraction Rate: 200 SCFM @ 40” WC

  • Plastic skid reduces weight and allows unit to be pushed into position by two people. Small enough to be transported in a full size pick-up truck.

  • Requires a tow-behind 3 Phase generator for short-term operation or a temporary 3 Phase power source on-site.

RT-3426A SVE Blower Unit

  • Modular SVE System Package 350SCFM@12"Hg

  • Gardner-Denver Sutorbilt 7ML Rotary Lobe Blower

  • NEMA 3R System Control Panel, 120/230V 3 Phase power

RT-3426B Blower Seabox with MS Tank

  • 300CFM Rotary Lobe Aeration Package

  • 7.5HP TEFC Motor

  • Eurus Rotary Lobe Blower

  • MS-200 Moisture Separator


RT-4259 AS/SVE System

8 x 20 Connex Container

RT-4348 Skid Mounted PD Blower

  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Skid 

  • Capable of 170 ACFM @ 10”Hg

  • 30 Gallon Moisture Separator Tank with Manual Drain

  • 2” Influent Port


RT-4465 Mobile AS/SVE System in 7 x 18 Enclosed Trailer

  • Ametek Rotron EN909 15 HP Regenerative Blower

  • VP-85 MS Tank

  • Busch Mink MM 1252AV Air Compressor 


RT-5068 - AS/SVE System

8 x 20 Connex Container

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Air Strippers

Air Stripper.jpg

Call about available Rental Air Stripper Units

Oil/Water Separators

PRM Oil-Water Separatos

Call about available Rental Oil Water Separator Units


RT-618 1000CFM Thermal Catalytic Oxidizer

  • Heats the air stream to approximately 1400-1500° F in thermal mode, and 500-700°F in catalytic mode.

  • The base oxidizer will provide 95% destruction efficiency. Efficiency can be increased at the expense of increased fuel consumption. 

  • Maximum Inlet Concentrations: 25% LEL

  • 6' Stainless Steel Stack

  • Hauk PBG Burner and Burner Blower

  • Chicago 1500 Process Blower

RT-2690 Mobile 750CFM Thermal Catalytic Oxidizer on Trailer

  • Rated for 98% destruction, 750cfm flow with 50% efficient plate/frame heat exchanger

  • 20HP Lamson Turbotron Process Blower

  • NEMA 4 Protected Control Panel
    (480V, 3 phase operation w/optional transformer for 230V, 3 phase operation)


RT-2691 750CFM Thermal Catalytic Oxidizer

  • Rated for 98% destruction, 750cfm flow with 50% efficient plate/frame heat exchanger

  • 20HP Lamson Turbotron Process Blower

  • Integrated Industrial Bluetooth Interconnec

  • Maximum Inlet Concentrations: 25% LEL


RT-3574 750CFM Thermal Catalytic Oxidizer

7.5 HP 230V 3 Phase

RT-3964 4000CFM Catalytic Oxidizer

40HP 460V 3 Phase

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RT-4790 600 CFM Oxidizer Rental

  • Capacity: 300-700 scfm

  • Maximum Input Loading: 430 lb/day petroleum hydrocarbons @ 700 scfm

  • Catalyst Destruction Efficiency Up to 99.5%


RT-2872 300CFM Electric Catalytic Oxidizer

  • Base Model 6"W x 12"H x 4"D Catalyst module provides >98% Destruction Efficiency

  • 230V, 3 Phase, 86 FLA

  • Catalytic Combustion Unit 


RT-4295 600CFM Electric Oxidizer with Scrubber

  • 8' x 20' x 9' 6"Connex Enclosure

  • 600 CFM Electric Oxidizer

  • SS Gas Quench Scrubber

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Flare Rentals

  • ​RT-5153

  • 300 CFM Candlestick Utility Flare - 304 Stainless Steel

  • Optional availability with PRM Moisture Separator and SVE system

  • Trailer Mounted for Mobility


2016 review from a client about flare rental:
“PRM’s pilot test unit was a great asset to our recent LFG project. 
The equipment provided us with a high level of flexibility, functionality, and confidence during all testing activities with features such as a Class I, Div. 1 fully-explosion proof blower package, a complete set of control interlocks for better system control and safety,  and data logging capabilities. The portable nature of the system also made maneuvering the equipment between test areas a non-issue. Finally, the knowledgeable and responsive PRM management and staff were dedicated to providing the support required for successful use of the equipment.”



Ozone Systems

  • RT-3981

  • O3 Trailer with Advanced Oxidation Process Manifold


Low Pressure Bag Filter Housing attached to a heavy duty aluminum hand truck 

Bag Filter Housings

  • Portable Bag Filter Housing - Low Pressure Bag Filter Housing attached to a heavy duty aluminum hand truck 

Carbon Vessels

LP-55 Liquid Phase Carbon Vessel

  • 24" Diameter, 30" Height

  • Dry Weight: 225 lbs

  • 2" Inlet and Outlet connections

  • Max. Pressure 10 psi

  • Contains 200lbs of 8 x 30 GAC

HP-90 Liquid Phase Carbon Vessel

  • Fiberglass construction

  • 13" Diameter x 54" Height

  • Dry Weight: 130 lbs

  • 3/4" Inlet and Outlet connections

  • Contains 90 lbs of 8 x 30 GAC


HP-200 Liquid Phase Carbon Vessel

  • 16" Diameter x 65" Height

  • Dry Weight: 240 lbs

  • 1" Inlet and Outlet Connections

  • Pressures up to 125 psi

  • Contains 200 lbs of 8 x 30 GAC

HP-500 Liquid Phase Carbon Vessel

  • 30" Diameter x 72" Height

  • 1 1/2" Inlet and Outlet Connections

  • High Flow Distributor Manifold

  • Heavy Duty FRP tripod base

  • 1000 lbs. of GAC media