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PRM offers Telemetry to our clients as a service.  PRM supports and maintains hundreds of sites on a daily basis. In general, 99% of our systems run on a cellular based system.  There is a lot of value in our service as we operate on an extremely reliable modern service platform and you are able to connect to 3G or 4G systems to provide the best possible service with rollback solutions.   PRM's current system allots for us to provide standard 100MB data pools per customer by default.   Upon request, PRM can expand a customer's data connectivity and we can easily provide upgrades to 250MB, 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, 5GB or unlimited solutions.   We highly recommend that you analyze your site requirements and adjust as necessary.  A typical group monitoring an average system consumes between 40 and 50MB of data on average per month. This would be for a typical user who logs in 2-3 times per week and spends 5-10 minutes per session.  It is important for users to make sure that they logout after every session to ensure that do not maintain a connection which can increase data consumption.

Our services not only include data consumption and connectivity but also typically includes the hardware and maintenance of the hardware as well.  We use Commercial/ Industrial Grade units such as the Cradlepoint IBR 600 Series which are extremely reliable in a variety of environments. Be careful of using other services which use low grade retail routers/switches/modems which cause continual problems in our industry. A major benefit with our platform is that you are automatically updated and protected as firmware is released for upgrade which can be as often as several times per week.  We also integrate threat management security into our systems so that data breaches are non existent on PRM systems.


Data Overages

Most users do not run into overages, however there is a small percentage of users that do exceed their data caps.  We do not limit the consumption rates on these systems unless specifically directed to do so by the client in writing.  We understand that many of the systems being operated are considered mission critical and limiting data could prevent important alarms to transmit or keep data connections from occurring.  At the end of each year, PRM does an assessment of all overages and we invoice users with overages based on the true cost of the overages.  If PRM were to invoice overages based the full consumption of the overages, your overage costs would be higher.  For the past 5 years, we have found that we have enough pooled excess data which allows us to minimize the overall costs. We pass these savings along to our clients. On average, pooled data excess is invoiced at approximately 1/2 the cost of data to an average user who had excess consumption.  We wish we could give the data away for free, but these are real costs to us where we are allowing our users to maintain a secure and reliable system without having to sacrifice potential of connectivity.  If you experience data consumption issues that warrant upgrades, please consult with your saleperson and we can provide the necessary upgrades.

Cost of Service

In 2019, data services will increase to $897.60 for a standard 12 month service package where we maintain the cost of equipment and provide service.  Data service in 2019 will increase from 100MB standard per user to 150MB standard per user.  Any data overage costs that occur in the 2019 operating year will be formulated based on the new 150MB per month plan vs. the 2018 plan of 100MB per month per site.

PRM also has systems operating in the Field that are not operating on PRMs standard cellular network.  These would typically be Sensaphone based solutions or possibly EOS Proview Systems.  PRM also maintains a variety of other site technologies that can be discussed with your salesperson, such as Commercial Satellite based connectivity which is realtively inexpensive ($180/month estimated) with large data allowances of > 30GB/Month as well as fast connectivity.  For ultra critical sites, PRM is able to offer always on/always connectivity Satellite based connectivity to remote sites.  This service offers unlimited data however bandwidth is slow in comparison to most commercial applications.  128KBs is typical.


Please contact PRM to discuss Telemetry and Network Connectivity solutions for your sites. 888-TREAT-IT 

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