PRM has been manufacturing oxidizers for the remediation market for over 15 years
PRM Thermal Oxidizers
PRM Electric Oxidizers
PRM catalyst modules are palladium and offer superior catalytic destruction given their excellent cell density of 400cpi
PRM manufactures Electric Catalytic Oxidizers for destructon of VOCs from off-gas equipment

Thermal & Catalytic Oxidizers

PRM has been manufacturing oxidizers for the remediation market for over 15 years. Our designs put safety first!


Thermal Oxidizers

Gas Fired Thermal Oxidizers are typically used for destruction of higher concentrations of VOCs. When operated in a straight thermal mode, the units are fired to 1400° F and retention times are 1.5 seconds. Destruction is typically >99.99% for VOCs. When operated in catalytic mode, the units are fired to 700° F and destruction is typically >99%. PRM uses a unique 90 degree burner tube and we crossfire the inlet fume directly into the most intent flame of the burner. Cross firing is done where there is no potential for creation of erratic flame. Cross firing of the fume into the burner provides destruction that other oxidizers do not obtain.

Safety By Design

PRM Gas Fired Thermal Oxidizers are the safest oxidizers on the market. We go to additional steps to ensure safety. These safety steps are invisible to the operator as the PLC controller is providing background scans continuously, looking for potential problems.


Key Benefits

  • 6″ Thermal refractory lining, 8″ refractory under exhaust stack

  • Cylindrical design for equalized flow distribution

  • SS exhaust stack with zero loss rain shield stack and sample port

  • Skid mounted units with integral control panel

  • Optional Heat Recovery Systems

  • Inquire about Rental Units

With NFPA 86, the maximum loading allowable of VOCs in an oxidizer is 25% of the LEL. With CEM equipment, the allowance is up to 50% loading.



Electric Oxidizers
PRM offers both Electric Catalytic and Catalytic Convertible Thermal Oxidizers.

For remediation projects, electric oxidizers operate more efficiently than gas-fired units and uptime is usually much higher.

For sites that will have high initial concentrations, PRM asks that you consider the overall site loading over the course of time. Usually when an electric unit is installed on a hot site, the system is tuned back during the first month to allow for a steady state of influent VOCs to the oxidizer. Over 90% of hot sites are run more efficiently with electric units.


Electric Catalytic Oxidizers

PRM manufactures Electric Catalytic oxidizers for destruction of VOCs from off-gas equipment. The CatOx-E electric unit offers destruction efficiencies up to 99.99% using the latest monolithic, low-temperature, catalyst modules. All PRM CatOx-E catalytic oxidizers are manufactured of T304 Stainless Steel. The entire inner shell, heat exchanger and ducting are manufactured from T304 SS. Six inches of insulating refractory material keeps heat inside and the outer shell cool to the touch.


PRM catalyst modules are palladium and offer superior catalytic destruction given their excellent cell density of 400cpi (cells per inch With a 70% preheat efficient heat exchanger standard, the CatOx-E unit offers the most energy efficient means of VOC destruction available on the market. CatOx-E units offer ease of maintenance and also much higher up-time than is available with any other type of oxidizer, whether it is a thermal or catalytic design.

Unlike gas fired units which have a difficult time responding to slugs, the CatOx-E unit is available with a 3-way valve that is easily implemented with SVE or dual phase blowers. Please call our technical team to discuss the proper Oxidizer for your application.



Key Benefits

     •   All electric

     •   10 minute preheat time

     •   70% preheat efficient heat exchanger

     •   No hassles with gas supplies (natural or propane)

     •   Automatic restart on power failure

     •   LEL sensors and strip chart recorders available

     •   Ability to replace or add catalyst modules in less than 30 minutes

     •   Fewer liabilities than gas fired units as  these units are flameless

     •   Optional web-based monitoring to read and log temperatures and
         air-flow. Much more reliable than chart recorders.



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