PRM Landfill Gas Extraction System
Integrated UL panel that operates the blower system

Gas Extraction Blowers


PRM specializes in Landfill Gas Extraction Systems. They are designed to optimize performance for your application. Landfill Gas Extraction Systems create a negative pressure in the well field to transfer the gas to the flare station or engine for co-generation.


•   Integrated blower packages are factory tested to expedite

•   Single or multiple blower skids from 25 to 10,000+ SCFM

•   Engineered packages for high performance in continuous duty

•   Complete support, field service, replacement parts, drawings
     and manuals

•   Gardner-Denver, Lamson, Continental and AMETEK Rotron
     are primary  blower manufacturers used

•   PRM can quote replacement blower packages for your project

In most applications, a single or multistage blower is used to extract gas from the landfill with typical ranges of 20 inches of water column to 100 inches of water column on the extraction blower inlet. The design of a blower system is based on specific site parameters. The following variables should be taken into consideration when selecting your blower package: blower operating parameters, proper moisture separation prior to the blower, gas quality, elevation, and if you are using a VFD or fixed speed.  PRM will always take the time to assist in proper sizing and selection of an appropriate blower for your application.

Blower Skid

The PRM blower skid typically consists of a moisture separator, blowers, shutoff valve, piping, and a control system all mounted on a structural skid.

Moisture Separators

PRM has been manufacturing Moisture Separators for over 25 years. The separators remove water droplets from the landfill gas stream to prevent early failure of the blowers. Our designs incorporate tangential inlet ports for maximum water removal. Moisture Separators can be constructed of stainless steel, coated carbon steel, or high-density polyethylene.


Blowers are sized based on the vacuum required at the landfill gas header and the rated flow of the flare. For most applications, PRM recommends the use of multiple blowers to allow for a greater turndown ratio as well as redundancy in case of a blower failure. Single stage or multiple stage blowers are selected based on your site requirements.

Shut-Off Valve

This is the primary valve that allows landfill gas to enter the flare system. The main control panel automatically operates this valve optimizing flow and includes a fail closed actuator.

Pipe construction

Site conditions determine the pipe configuration and the material used. PRM can fabricate the piping system using stainless steel, coated carbon steel or high-density polyethylene.

Control System

This is the integrated UL panel that operates the blower system based on the changing site conditions. It communicates directly with the flare system to deliver proper gas flow. The control systems typically include data recorders and SCADA for remote monitoring.


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Gas Extraction Blower Control system