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PRM Filtration is one of the nation's leading suppliers of replacement

items for equipment in the environmental remediation & landfill gas recovery industries.

We offer high quality parts & supplies at the best possible


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Product Recovery Management/PRM Filtration (PRM) Practice of Engineering:

PRM is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Pollution Control and other equipment, mainly focused on the Remediation and Landfill Industries. Our experience and talent are well diversified.  PRM does not practice engineering.

PRMs client base includes Engineering Consulting companies across North America.  These companies provide the engineering specifications
and certifications (seals and reviews) for the projects and PRM implements them. 

In certain cases, our clients may ask us to provide equipment that has Third Party Professional Engineer reviews and stamps.  PRM always hires Third Party Engineers to perform these services as we are not a registered engineering company

PRM Filtration is a division of
Product Recovery Management, Inc. (PRM)

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