PRM Soil Vapor Extraction

Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) systems consist of a blower package connected to a series of wells to apply a negative pressure in the subsurface, above the water table, to remove vapor phase contaminants. Once the vapors are removed they are typically treated at the surface. This technology is often used in conjunction with Air Sparging to increase efficiency and address contaminated groundwater.

PRM SVE Systems

PRM has been manufacturing SVE systems for over 25 years!

Our design experts can assist you in selecting the proper system to meet your specific site design requirements.

PRM Soil Vapor Extraction Systems typically include a NEMA 4 control panel, blower or vacuum pump, motor, moisture separator, high level switch, header assembly, and an inlet filter in an integrated factory tested package. Optional items such as vacuum gauges, low indicators, temperature indicators, and filtration can be specified per your application.

When designing your system, it is important to consider the number of extraction wells, required flow rate, site elevation, friction losses from piping, headers, carbon systems, oxidizer, heat exchangers, or other equipment that can affect the blower performance.

Regenerative blowers are a good choice for low to moderate flow-vacuum-pressure requirements. They produce low noise levels and are an economical option. Positive displacement blowers are generally used in higher flow-vacuum-pressure, and are more economical due to lower horsepower requirements. When using positive displacement blowers it is important to match the rotation speeds for optimum efficiency and reliability while regulating noise levels. Contact PRM if you need assistance in sizing your blower for specific project requirements.

Soil Vapor Extraction Systems can be combined with other technologies such as liquid ring pumps, air sparge systems, and pump and treat systems to enhance performance.




Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) System Cut Sheet
Skid-Mounted Soil Vapor Extraction System


     •   Factory Soil Vapor Extraction tested systems can be skid mounted, open
         trailer, closed trailer, or custom enclosures

     •   Systems can be integrated with NEMA IV, 4 or 7 control panels, gauges,
         moisture separators, off gas treatment and filtration per your                             specifications

     •   Systems designs up to 10,000 CFM
     •   SVE Systems are easily integrated with new or existing equipment
     •   Blower manufacturers include: Roots, Rotron, Gast, Atlantic Fluidics,

         Busch, Rietschle, and Dekker

     •   Blower types include Rotary Claw, Multistage Regenerative, and Positive




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