PRM Vapor Mitigation and Sub-Slad Depressurization Systems
PRM Vapor Mitigation Systems
PRM Control Panels-Vapor Mitigation Telemetry

Vapor Mitigation and

Sub-Slab Depressurization Systems


Vapor Intrusion is the movement of chemical vapors from contaminated soil and groundwater into nearby buildings. Vapors primarily enter through openings in the building foundation or basement walls, but it is also possible for vapors to pass through concrete. Once inside the home or workplace, vapors may be inhaled which can pose immediate or long-term health risks for the occupants.

Sub-Slab Depressurization (SSD) is the most practical and most commonly used vapor intrusion mitigation strategy for existing and new structures.


PRM manufactures custom SSD and Venting Systems for mitigation of contaminated vapors from chlorinated solvents, VOC’s, methane, radon, or petrochemicals.


Vapor Mitigation Control Panels

SSD Systems need control panels to power and control the system fan or blower. But what happens if for some reason the blower stops working? It may take days or weeks to be discovered with conventional panels, but PRM has developed a control panel where users can log in from a computer or smartphone and check the system status – saving the expense and hours of sending a technician into the field. The panel also sends alerts by email or text message if the system stops working for any reason!



"DSCA" Boxes

Pre-Engineered and Functionally Designed Systems


PRM manufactures a standard vapor mitigation system in a customizable weatherproof enclosure. The 4' x 4' x 7' enclosure is designed for locations with limited space. Most of these units are used by clients to meet the mitigation requirements of the Dry-Cleaning Solvent Clean-Up Act (DSCA). Customized units can be designed to meet your project space requirements and specifications. 

Pre-Engineeringand Functionally designed systems Vapor Mitigation Boxes
Inside viw of a DSCA pre-engineered andfunctionally desined systems box

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