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PRM Utility 'Candlestick' and Enclosed Flares


PRM Flare Systems are used for controlling Methane (CH4) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2), as by-products of Landfill Bio-degradation. PRM specializes in designing and manufacturing flares for landfill applications up to 10000 SCFM with destruction rates of up to 98% efficiency. Other markets include waste-water and agricultural applications.



     •   Complete in-house design and manufactured for compliant

     •   Skid mounted for easy low cost installation

     •   Proprietary pilot burner configuration ensures complete gas

     •   10:1 or greater turndown

     •   Candlestick or Enclosed Flares up to 10,000 CFM

     •   Combustion systems comply with NFPA 86

     •   Windshield design improves operation stability and turndown

     •   Adjustable thermocouples to improve operation and temperature


Burner and Pilot

PRM manufactures a proprietary pilot and burner design to provide reliable flame stability during a variety of weather and gas conditions. Our pilot and burner assemblies are constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel to improve the life of the system.

Landfills can generate an abundance of methane gas which can escape into the atmosphere and can cause compliance and odor issues. These gases are typically extracted under a negative pressure from the landfill field and used in the gas to energy process or destroyed using a flare. Landfills that utilize this gas for the gas to energy process require a contingency flare that allows excess gas to be destroyed.

Utility Flares

The Utility Flare or “Candlestick Flare” is a basic flare that is used primarily for the combustion of excess landfill or other bio-gas generated by solid waste landfills. Candlestick Flares burn the concentrated fume which is typically 40%-55% Methane by discharging the gases through a discharge pipe and through a windshield. As the gases discharge, they are exposed to a pilot that will initially ignite the gases. Sustained combustion is typical without a pilot, however, the pilot is available to actuate as needed. Candlestick Flares are typically monitored by a thermocouple or a UV Flare scanner for flame activity. Our Candlestick Flare can achieve efficiencies greater than 98% when operated properly.


     • PRM manufactures Candlestick Flares with capacities from 50CFM

       to 10,000CFM.


     • Our flares meet destruction efficiencies as required in EPA 40CFR,


     • PRM Flares are designed in accordance with AP-42 standards.


Enclosed Flares

PRM Enclosed Flares conbust the gases inside a vertical, insulation-lined combustion chamber. Enclosed Flare designs increase destruction efficiencies and allow sampling to confirm destruction. This can be important to insure compliance and optimize carbon credits. Enclosed Flares are aesthetically appealing as the flame is concealed. Typical destruction in Enclosed Flares is greater than 99%. For applications requiring strict NOx  compliance, PRM can design the Enclosed Flare with staged burners and injection systems.


Rental Flares

PRM has flare skid systems available for short or long term rental.
PRM rental flare system consists of a blower skid, blower, knockout tank, and controls. Renting a flare system allows a pilot test to establish the flow capacity of the landfill. Based on these results a permanent flare can be designed. Contact PRM for availability.

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