PRM S-09 Installation Services

PRM Installation Services


PRM offers a wide range of installation services for electrical, environmental and industrial projects. 

Services Offered:
     •  Turnkey Equipment and System Installation
     •  System Startup
     •  Control Panel Installation
     •  Site Preparations
     •  Licensed for required trades 
     •  Ground Water Trenches
     •  Product Recovery Trenching

     •  Pipework Installation
     •  Well Vault Installation
     •  SVE and Injection Trenches

     •  Electrical Wiring, Above Ground or Buried

     •  Utility Pole Connection and Installation
     •  Surge Protection
     •  Carbon Change Out


Safety by Design:
     •  Control Panels built and Installed by licensed and certified 
        electricians and NRTL Third Party Certified
     •  OSHA HAZWOPER trained field personnel

     •  Task Safety Analysis before any work begins
     •  North Carolina General Contractor and Electrical Licenses

PRM Filtration is a tradename of
Product Recovery Management, Inc. (PRM)

200 20th Street

Butner, North Carolina 27509


Main Phone: 919-957-8890

Toll Free: 1-888-873-2848

Fax: 919-957-7230

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