Landfill Pumps-SRX Pneumatic

Leachate or Gas Condensate

The SRX LP pump is specifically designed for the dewatering of vertical leachate wells and condensate sumps. Landfill pumping conditions are often challenging due to the varying well conditions and the aggressive leachate liquid. The SRX LP pumps are designed with compatible materials and features to perform in these harsh conditions.


     •   Standard Quick Connect fittings

     •   Advanced, adjustment-free, positive-sealing air valve system

     •   Simplest pump to disassemble to expedite routine maintenance

     •   Complete disassembly with one wrench

     •   All stainless steel construction

     •   Domed bottom to prevent hang up during installation

     •   Competitive pricing

     •   Complete line of Accessories

SRX LP Pump Operation

The SRX LP pump uses an internal float that responds to the recharge rate of the well. As the pump fills with liquid the float rises to the upper position opening the air valve. The air valve incorporates a magnetic assist to insure a positive opening of the valve reducing stalling concerns. As the air valve is opened the air pressurizes the vessel closing the bottom inlet check valve and pushing the liquid through the center discharge tube to the surface.  As the vessel is emptied, the float falls to the lower position, deactivating the air valve while opening the air exhaust valve, allowing the pump to fill. This cycle automatically repeats as based on the recharge of the well.

Simple Disassembly

With one wrench the complete SRX pump including the float can be totally disassembled for cleaning. Simply unthread the bottom bolt to remove the inlet screen and the two internal bolts on the arch assembly. Remove the two arch pins and arch assembly and the float can be removed. PRM offers a stainless steel brush cleaning kit to further simplify the cleaning process.

Quick Connect Fitting

Quick connect fitting are standard on all SRX LP pumps simplifying the installation process. The one-time tubing connection increases safety, increases efficiency during routine maintenance, eliminates tubing drops – no more cutting tubing and reattaching clamps. To detach the tubing from the pump simply remove the shear wire from the quick connect fitting base and slide the quick connect fitting from the SRX pump.

Advanced Air Valve Assembly

The air valve is a critical design element in the proper operation of pneumatic pumps. The SRX LP pump offers the simplest, positive-sealing valve assembly and does not require time consuming adjustments. The magnetic assist snaps open the air valve reducing stalling concerns. The precision check ball and stainless steel seat assemble can be easily accessed by removing the hose connection at the top of the pump should cleaning be required.

Material of Construction

The SRX LP is constructed of 304 – 316 grade of stainless steel, high temperature isolated magnets; nylon and Viton check balls to provide compatibility and durability in aggressive leachate applications. All the SRX LP components are rated for use in temperatures up to 250 degrees F. For applications in high and low pH consult PRM for other options we offer.

Lowest Operation Costs

The simple design of the SRX LP eliminates springs and other components that require routine replacement. The SRX LP has a standard five year warranty.


PRM provides accessories to complete the pump installation. These include 3 and 4 jacketed tubing assemblies, cycle counters, fluid in – fluid out kits, well seals, and well heads.

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